Perpetual Bone Broth

18 thoughts on “Perpetual Bone Broth”

  1. so did the bones completely dissolve, or did you blitz the bones into the broth? I’m not sure what you mean when you say you use the pureed veggies and meat for thickening – do you mean like keeping it aside and making a roux of it?

    All in all this was a fascinating read and something I’ll definitely try!

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    1. Excellent question! The bones stay intact, but they get pourous and release nutrients (see the links I listed at the bottom of the post for better explanation). So as an afterthought, as I strained the broth, I separated the vegetables out, added some broth, and pureed. I’m a fan of avoiding flour as a thickener, so this is a great replacement. Flavorful and more nutritious. And yes…also a good roux or soup starter. Awesome question thank you!


  2. Awesome, detailed post! I’m fascinated by the term “bone broth” as I hear it often in Korean dramas. I’ve always called it “stock” but of course bone broth describes stock perfectly. This long, slow method is interesting. My stocks simmer for 8-12 hours. And like you, I LOVE that wonderful. homey fragrance wafting through the kitchen. 🙂


    1. Yes I think the terms “broth”, “stock” and “bone broth” are somewhat interchangeable and used differently depending on the cook. I suppose mine is a combo bone broth and stock since I add vegetables and herbs. Thanks for the comment!


    1. I’ve yet to try a seven day simmer, but I believe I have to try it soon! I know you can buy beef soup bones quite for a couple of dollars at the butcher, so maybe I’ll do a beef bone broth at some point for seven days. Thanks so much for the kind words!


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