Margarita Chat

9 thoughts on “Margarita Chat”

  1. Having worked in many margarita bars, I’ve found a decent reposado tequila, fresh lime juice, and agave nectar (to balance the tartness) make for the best margaritas. You can get creative with these key ingredients. Yum!


  2. Good calls! I like less sweet myself. One trick I picked up from my husband is to add a splash of apple juice to cut the tartness. I’ve made them this way for years and I can’t keep the pitcher full at parties.


  3. We make pizza every Friday night and LOVE it! Took us a long time to find the right dough recipe, but I think we found a good one for now. Looking forward to seeing your recipe and trying it out! We are fans of the thin crispy crust. We love our pizza stone and peel. Main tools, for sure! Instead of parchment paper we have been using cornmeal. The more we use the stone, the less it takes! Haven’t tried it on the grill yet, but that will be soon, I’m sure once the weather cooperates!


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