Mastering Thanksgiving: Tip 1 – Gravy

When I sat down to write up a post called “Ten Tips for Mastering Thanksgiving” I didn’t realize quite how long that post would be. After writing up my ten tips, it became clear that ten posts, each with one tip, would be a better solution. Watch for a new tip each day, and be sure to share your tips in the comments!


This tip addresses an age-old issue: lumpy gravy. I think part of the problem is that the cook is at his/her wits end, timing a million things, and at the very end one of the challenges is making the gravy. So instead of giving up on homemade gravy and opting for store-bought or from a packet….try this simple tip!

How to do it: When you add your thickener (flour or cornstarch) take a few tablespoons of your broth and mix it in with your thickener in a separate container. Use a stick blender, and immersion blender, or simply hand-whisk till the solution is smooth. Then add it in to the remaining liquid. No lumps!

Note: Cornstarch is gluten-free. So if you want to make gluten-free gravy, you can go with cornstarch as your thickening agent.

Resources for further learning:


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