I’m Melissa Machowski, and this is my food blog! (Follow me on facebook)

Welcome to M Delish Boutique!

Thanks for checking out M Delish Boutique, a blog for home cooks and lurkers alike. I welcome foodies, travelers, artists, readers, and adventurers of all stripes to hang out and see what strikes you about my approach to life through the lens of food.

My love of cooking started early and has grown as I’ve picked up techniques from classes, family, roommates, and friends as well as cooking shows, cookbooks, and food blogs. I’ve lived all over the USA and traveled to destinations throughout the world and I’ve found that food connects us as deeply as the notion of love for family, and in fact acts as a convincing stand-in.

I’m an adventurous home cook and recipe and cookbook writer. This blog is a real-time glimpse into my kitchen, travels, and garden. If you have an Instagram account, be sure to follow my culinary journey as I explore Austin and beyond through food and drink.

I’ve written and self-published two cookbooks with another on the way in 2019. Cookbooks are history and biography. They’re technical writing mixed with the comforts of tradition, family, place, time and even basic survival. They leave behind a crystal to rebuild of a place and time. They contain every expression of life and love.

Passions Collide

Food is art. Food is science. Food is love. Food is history. Food is comfort. Food is survival. Food is story. I have connected with people around food more than most things I can identify.  So here I am, writing a food blog, connecting with the world from the kitchen and the keyboard.

TexasFoodHandlerCertHere’s How I Got Here

I studied Creative Writing and received my Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I received my Master of Computer Information Systems from the University of Denver.

Following my graduation from graduate school, I worked at New Times LA in Los Angeles where I was exposed to writers of all stripes. I found the music and food columns to be intriguing. My job laying out gorgeous professional photos of local food gave me an eye into the world of high-end culinary prowess. My love of dining develops to this day, but my true fascination is with real cooks in the home kitchen. Screenshot 2017-04-07 at 4

This blog represents my experiences as a writer, a food-lover, a home cook, an artist and a traveler who seeks to learn from anywhere and everywhere. I invite you to join me.

Please share your thoughts, experiences, feedback, and knowledge in my comments. 

More of my writing here.

Be sure to consider becoming a Recipe Tester for my cookbooks, joining The MDB Virtual Dinner Party Group, and being featured as a Real Home Cook!

  AFBA-2018-Member-Badge-800x800AFBA-2017-Member-Badge-800x800AFBA-2016-Member-BadgeTexasFoodHandlerCert     LiquorSellerServerLicense      HSAlogoJuly2004_000 (1)                    afjLogo

  • Austin Food Blogger Alliance
  • The Association of Food Journalists
  • The Herb Society of America.
  • Licensed Food Handler (Texas)
  • Licensed Alcoholic Beverage Seller/Server (Texas)

When I’m not cooking or writing:

I am the owner of M Design Boutique, home of custom made candles and event favors. I currently live in Austin, Texas, but I’ve had the distinct pleasure of living in many states within the US (Colorado, Montana, California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and now Texas!). Living in many regions has exposed me to a variety of foods introduced by both rural and urban culture, coastal, mid-western and southern styles and techniques, and the influence of the home cooks I’ve come to know and love in my life all over the map!

I love gardening, animals, wine tasting, travel and most of all my family and friends.

When you see a link to an outside website for a product mentioned in this blog, please know that I actually own and have used the product, and if you purchase by clicking the link from, you will help support this blog! I welcome your feedback and would love to know what you think of the products I mention herein.

Unless otherwise noted within specific blog posts, all photos in this blog are taken by, edited by, and property of Melissa Machowski. I will consider permitting use of these photos to those who wish to review or feature my blog. Do not use my images without permission!

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