Indulgent Simple Crab Fondue Recipe

This recipe comes to me via my mom, and she got it from my aunt, her sister-in-law. Every Christmas Eve my parents hosted an open house for all of the neighbors, some friends and co-workers, and family of said guests. It went on for hours, and the dining room was converted into a buffet for…

Amaretto Root Beer

Sunday night cocktails became a tradition at our house when the tv show Mad Men was still airing, and recently I persuaded Mike (of “Mike’s Cocktails” and also famous for being my husband, of course) to bring it back! Previously I mostly posted his cocktails on Instagram (@mdelishboutique) but I will now post the best…

Hatch. Flavor.

Green Chili Love. Announcing the dates for 2018 Pre-Sale Roasted Hatch Green Chilies & Tomatoes by M Delish Boutique!

One Dish Wonder: Paella

This pescatarian version of my recipe for Paella was made with vegetable stock, Soyrizo and with chicken served on the side for those who wished to have it.