Make Pesto

Pesto makes a perfect sauce for pasta or vegetables, a lovely spread for sandwiches, and even a quick add-on to dips or marinades.

Herbs & Your Garden

The herbs I cook with the most grow in my garden. It saves money. They taste better, and I can harvest them fresh any time I want.

Tool Day: Bouquet Garni

I tried it out in my 7-day perpetual bone broth and I will use this likely hundreds of times.

In My Soup Pot

Stock: The first opportunity to build flavor for soup, chili, stew, rice, and more.

Make Mustard

Several years ago in one of those “pay-it-forward” things on facebook, a friend of mine sent me a jar of homemade mustard. It was awesome, and I decided I should learn to make it. Like many things we’re accustomed to buying, it isn’t that hard to make! Probably the biggest obstacle to going into your…

Overnight Pickles

No brisket sandwich or pulled pork or chicken sandwich is complete without thin-sliced onion, homemade bbq sauce and a pile of pickles. Next time you plan a backyard bbq, pick up a cucumber or ten (or whatever you want to pickle) and whip up a batch! Whether you’re an old pro at pickling, or just…