Summer Wanes. Hatch and Harvest.

Everyone with a garden spends the late Summer noticing the ever-shortening evenings. As if the sun is reminding you from just above the horizon, exactly how amazing those crops look. Whether a small raised bed or acreage, a sewn seed brought to harvest is important. I get my ingredients, for the most part, from stores….

Verboort Sausage Festival

For 82 years (and counting), the small Oregon Dutch community of Verboort has been hosting a sausage dinner fundraiser for “Visitation School” and this year it was my great honor to attend.

Colorado Sips

I give you my tipsy tour of my native home Colorado

Truckstop Eats

Traveling in the United States always reminds me that Americans have guts of steel.

Poke Tour – Hawaii: Mahalo Nui Loa’

For those of you who love Poke, I highly recommend going to Hawaii. They get it. They have killer Ahi for it, and it is on every menu. Each place has a little spin on how they do it. You can even chat up the local Farmer’s Market fishmongers about ordering it for private delivery…

Austin Farmers Market

Last weekend we attended the Texas Farmer’s Market at The Domain, which opens every Sunday from 3 to 6 pm. With our grocery list in-hand we walked from one end to the other, and then back again on the other side. This Farmer’s Market started just a few weeks ago. The selection includes lots of…

Voodoo Donuts, PDX

In March, while visiting Portland, Oregon, I visited the ever-interesting super eclectic and fun Voodoo Donuts. Before moving forward, I should mention that the donuts absolutely do not disappoint. Not only are they the good kind of insane, but they taste great. Voodoo Donuts has locations in Portland, Oregon and Denver, Colorado. I learned while…

Bob’s Red Mill Store, PDX

Early in March of 2015 I went to Portland, Oregon to visit family. Enthusiastic to participate in my blog endeavors, they insisted Bob’s Red Mill should be on my itinerary. Who am I to argue? I’ve been using Bob’s Red Mill pancake and soup mixes, semolina and other flours, and lots of other grains and…

Zupan’s Market, PDX

Zupan’s Market – Portland, Oregon. Beautifully displayed produce, seafood, meat, deli and grocery selections make this a must-see food market in the lovely Pacific Northwest. I’ll let the photos do the talking. Enjoy!

Taste San Francisco

The road to SF! I’m at the Austin airport waiting for my flight to San Francisco. I’m excited to go on my first trip since I started this blog. That means I’m a newbie food blogger who doesn’t want to annoy everybody in my path (you know who you are) about snapping pics of their food, preferably…