Tool Day

The Everything Grinder Today I’m just talking about one tool. One tool that does lots and lots of work. This is a grinder for dried spices, peppercorns, course salts and dried peppers. It is brilliant for making fresh spice blends or rubs, and when not in use, I fill it with my mixed peppercorns from … Continue reading Tool Day

Seed Sprouting

Always interested in new ideas and techniques, when I happened across seed sprouting at Bob’s Red Mill in Portland, Oregon recently, I had to give it a try. Based on the display at Bob’s, I figured out that all it really takes are seeds and a seed sprouter. Instead of hauling them both home, I … Continue reading Seed Sprouting

Infused Waters

This works best with an infusing pitcher (click the link to see the one I have, around $20), or if you place your ingredients in cheese cloth. I find that depending on the ingredients, you can keep a pitcher going (replacing water as you drink it) for about a week. If you drink a lot of water, … Continue reading Infused Waters