Kitchen Aid Mixer

My Kitchen Aid Mixer. I love this work horse. Having mixed my last mixer into oblivion, it was time to upgrade. I just got this about six months ago. So far I’ve made meatballs, multiple batches of cookies, dog treats, brownies, gingerbread, icing and, with a meat grinder attachment, ground herbed chicken burgers.¬† Oh…and my … Continue reading Kitchen Aid Mixer

Taste Copenhagen

I had the pleasure and good fortune of traveling quite a bit in 2014. One destination was Copenhagen, Denmark. Being that I am quite Scandinavian, this was a true trip of a lifetime…although I fully intend to return based on my amazing experience. Here are a few key food snaps from my travels. You’ll be … Continue reading Taste Copenhagen


Tomatoes vary in size, color, shape and most of all flavor. When the summer draws to a close, there is nothing better than the simplicity of a fresh garden tomato. We slice them and add a basil leaf and a bit of buffalo mozzerella, drizzle with ¬†balsamic vinegar and olive oil and enjoy them on … Continue reading Tomatoes